These rules and regulations established by the Maumelle Parks and Recreation
Department in conjunction with the Maumelle Family Aquatic Center are to ensure a
safe and enjoyable aquatic experience for all patrons. Lifeguards are expected to
uphold and enforce these rules and regulations in a fair and consistent manner.

●   Upon each entrance to the Aquatic Center, users must scan their membership card or pay a
 daily fee.
●   Daily fee for Maumelle Residents is $7.00 for ages 4 and above, $1.00 for those under   
 the age of 4. Daily fee for Non-Residents is $12.00 per day.
●   Each member may have up to 2 guests per day. Guests ages 4 and older pay $7.00 each, and
 guests under the age of 4 pay $1.00.
●   Patrons paying the daily use fee will be issued a receipt which may be used to gain re-
 entrance to the pool any time on the date of purchase.  
●   Children that are ages 7 and under must have a parent or baby-sitter, 14 years of age or
 older, with them in the water with them at all times. The pool can be a dangerous area and   
 parents are encouraged to be mindful of this fact when selecting a babysitter.
●   All swimmers must wear a conventional type swimming suit. No cut offs, underwear, or other
  inappropriate pool attire.
●   NO REGULAR DIAPERS IN POOL PLEASE! Swim diapers required for all children who are not toilet
An "accident" can result in the pool being closed for several hours!
●   Only Coast Guard approved life jackets will be allowed in the pool. OTHER FLOTATION DEVICES
●   Patrons will NOT be allowed to bring their own refreshments.  No coolers or containers of any  
  kind are permitted. *Exception: birthday cakes and drinks for reserved parties may be brought
  in. Food purchased from the concession area must stay in concession area. Drinks may be
  taken to the immediate pool area (within 5’ of the water’s edge).
●   No alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind. No persons under the influence of either will be
  tolerated inside the facility. Smoking is not allowed.  
●   The City of Maumelle is not responsible for lost/ stolen articles. Coin lockers are available for
  $.50 per use.
●   No refunds will be given, however, rain checks will be issued at the discretion of the pool
●   Persons diving, using the red slide, or swimming in the deep area  MUST be able to swim 2
  widths of the pool at the lifeguard’s request.
●   Persons using blue slide must be at least 42” tall.
●   Only 1 person at diving board or slide at a time. Next user may proceed  when the person in
  front is safely to the side of the pool, and the water in front of board or slide is clear of other
  swimmers or objects.
●   Only 2 bounces on the diving board before jumping
●   Users must go feet first from diving board and slides
●   After diving or sliding, person must swim at once to nearest ladder or pool exit
●   Life jackets of any kind are not permitted on or near the diving board or red slide. Life jackets
  built into swim suit (without buckles) will only be allowed on the blue slide.
●   Parents may not “catch” their children at bottom of blue slide.